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  • Product Name: Brake system
  • Model No: Auto components 03
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Part Name: Brake system

Material: A360, A380, A390, AlSi9Cu3, EN AC-Al Si10Mg(Fe), EN AC-Al Si12(Fe), EN AC-AlSi12Cu1(Fe),ADC10,ADC12

Weight: 1.50kg/pcs

Description:Aluminium die casting part is suitable for brake system, milling, reaming and threading process.

Aluminum base is used in motor car braking systems,The brake fluid can not leak out through the casting,withstand 1600 psi.

- Full inspection on all dimensions, characteristics, and notes on drawing for each sample submitted.
- Critical dimensions,Bracket locations,Cleanliness,Leak Test
- Process Flow Diagram,Design FMEA,Process FMEA,Control Plan,Material Specifications
- Calibration and R&R on measurement system for all checking aids for any critical dimensions or requirements as.
- Can offer three types of molds die castings, sand and permanent mold casting
- Software for drawing: pro/E, auto CAD, UG, CAD, PDF and solid works 2008 flow analysis
- Further machining work: turning, cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, reaming and threading
- Surface finish process: polishing shot blasting, chromate plating, power coated and anodizing
- OEM and ODM parts range: auto parts, electronic parts, furniture parts, home appliance and other industrial uses
- Processes: CAD service, metal processing, surface plating, QC testing and packing
- Made according to customer's drawings, specifications and samples
- Casting capacity: 200 to 500 tons/month