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Alkaline Etching Of Aluminum Die Casting

When people make aluminum die casting, they would like to adopt alkaline etching. The surface of aluminum die casting is rough due to the effect of its process or material. In order to reach using requirement, people use alkaline etching to improve casting quality.

But do alkaline etching is not very easy. So we should pay more attention to this operate. For example, there are various kinds of compounds and other inclusions among the metal. Certainly the loose organization will make chemical composition segregation is not uniform. If it does not form a dense oxide film during cooling, the surface of aluminum die casting will also be rough. At this time, we will find that alkaline etching can play a key role in this problem.

During the alkaline etching, control the alkali etching time is very difficult. If the alkali etching time is too short, aluminum die casting may not be removed thoroughly. On the contrary, if the time is too long, it also will cause excessive corrosion for the products. Excessive corrosion even make the change of dimension tolerances. The best method is changing alkaline etching procedure. After alkaline etching finished, people had better do fast optical processing to get a more ideal effect.