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Basic Raw Material For Producing Molds

The basic material for producing molds is foundry sand and sand binder. The most commonly foundry sand is silica sand. When high temperature performance of silica sand cam not meet the using requirement, we usually use the zircon sand, iron ore, corundum sand and other special sand.

In order to make the molds and cores with intensity, people should join the sand binder in the casting and made loose sand bonded. The most widely used sand binder is clay. Certainly you can also make different kinds of water-soluble silicate, phosphate and various kinds of synthetic resin into sand binder. According to different strength way and binder, sand mold which used in sand casting can divided into three types. They are clay wet sand, chemical sclerosis sand and clay dry sand.

The cor made of core sand has wider application. Oil viscosity is low and the mixed core sand always with good fluidity. So it is very easy to be compaction while core making. However the core which just made is in low strength and usually undertake by copying support core plate. Then put it to the oven which has in high temperature for several hours. The disadvantage of this core making method is that the core is easy to deform in the release, handling and baking process. So the precious of casting size has been decreased. This method also should cost long time to baking and many energy consumption.