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Characteristic Of Chemical Hardening Sand Casting Process

Chemical sclerosis sand strength is much higher than clay sand. After manufacturing sand, it will strip finally and don’t need any trimming. So casting can reflect the size and contour shape accurately. At the same time, it will not be deformation in the process. The prepared casting size is in high precision.

Binder and hardener are easy to be mixed with sand because their viscosity is not high. Sand mixing equipment has light structure, low power and high productivity. Sand processing part can be simplified.

The mixed sand has good fluidity before sclerosis. People can choose foam materials, such as wood, plastic and metal. Chemical sclerosis sand which regard resin as binder is in high cost. But casting is easy to separate with sand after pouring.

The binder content in chemical sclerosis sand is lower than clay sand and without any powder materials. Sand mold or core surface should be coated with high quality coating in order to avoid metal penetrating to the sand. Chemical sclerosis sand is in low cost. There is no smell in working environment. Old sand can not be recycled directly. It need regeneration treatment. But the regeneration of water glass sand is more difficult.