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Metal Mold Use Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is refers to the process that the liquid metal pured into the casting with the earth gravity, it is also known as gravity casting. The generalized gravity casting include sand casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, mud casting and so on.

There are many process methods to make metal material. Such as casting, forging, extrusion, rolling, drawing, punching, cutting and powder metallurgy. the most basic, the casting process is the most commonly, basically and widely used process.

The metal mold casting is a modern process that made by heat resisting alloy. Metal type can not only use gravity casting, but also use the pressure casting. Metal casting can used repeatedly. Metal casting is not only in good size precious, smooth surface, but also its strength is  higher than sand and not easy to be broken. Generally speaking, people will preferred the metal mold casting as long as the casting material melting point is not too high in mass production of small casting.

However the metal mold casting also has some disadvantages. Metal mold is not cheap because that heat resistant alloy steel and on its top are relatively expensive. Certainly the overall costs are much cheaper than die casting mold. Each product cost is obviously too high for small batch production, it is not easy to be accepted. Metal casting is limited by mold material, processing equipment and cavity machining equipment. So  it is incapable of action for large castings.