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Preventive Maintenance For CNC Machining Center

People usually do some preventive maintenance for CNC machining center. Their purpose is to reduce the failure rate. The main working includes personnel arrangement, building regulations file and daily maintenance.

Arrange workers to each CNC machine. Some are responsible for operating, some are focused on technology or repair. All workers should improve their own technical level constantly.

Formulating operation rules according to the detail performance of each CNC machine and processing object. Build work and repair archives and mangers ought to check, review and improvement.

In fact, we should pay more attention to daily maintenance. At first, create daily maintenance plan to each CNC machine repair. That must includes lubrication of the transmission system, temperature control, the balance system, cooling system and so on.

Sometimes the CNC machine has been unused for a long time. Every motion segment of machine exist dust, and even has been rust. These all will have efffect on driving performance and precision of the machine tool. One CNC machine is composed by a lot of electronic components. Their service life and performance are in great discreteness. At the first year, they  are in running stage. The second stage is effective life stage. During this second stage, machine can give full play to efficiency. With resonable using and good daily maintenance, machine could running in normal more than five years. The final stage is aging stage. The system life almost step into the ending. Certainly the electrical hardware failure will be increased gradually.