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What Have Effects On Pump Casting Quality

There are many factors that have effect on pump casting quality. Such as process operation, casting process and raw materials quality. The casting material should own good quality and reach the relevant standard. Such as metal charge and refractory material, fuel and flux, modifier and casting sand, sand binder, coating materials and so on.

If you use some material or product which are in bad quality will make the casting produce blowhole, slag, sand sticking and other defects. That has an influence on the appearance quality and internal quality. What’s more, it may lead to casting scrap. So it must satisfy the relevant standard to process. The geometry and size of castings is determined by working conditions and metal material while designing process for casting. Certainly don’t forget to ensure that the product designing is reasonable.

However you had better to reduce metal consumption in casting process. Reducing the cutting amount can not only saving metal, but also bring a lot of benefits. While designing the structure, you can choose precision casting method to reduce cutting amount, such as pressure die casting, investment casting. On the other hand, you can set a groove on the processing surface.