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Quality Control

During many of procedures and upon completion of all the machining operations, Dongrun Casting performs high quality policy to ensure the manufactured part to meet customers’ demands.

We use a variety of testing instruments including "go or no-go" gauges, micrometers, height gauges, calipers, thread gauges, bore gauges and ring gauges. We test and certify these gauges regularly.

We also have a specialized unit for pressure testing our castings. It measures pressure loss for castings that will be used in liquid or air applications. This testing and certification is also available to our customers with their shipped product.

Dongrun Casting also has full CMM capabilities and can supply this data to our customers with their 1st article reports. This CMM has greatly reduced our time in measuring new and full production parts and allows us to measure dimensions that would be difficult otherwise.

Specific casting control measures include: Heat Treat Certification, Hardness Testing, First Article Inspection.

About the raw material, it is very important for casting. Before casting, we will do testing bar to check the Chemical composition and Mechanical properties. In our raw material warehouse, we are doing the marks on each type material. Free from the mistake when the workers melt the raw material.

             CMM                           Tensile Test Machine                           Spectrometer             

             Hardness Machine              Fractograph Analysis                          Height Gauges             

             Go and No Go Gauges                           Calipers