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Low Pressure Die Casting

The low-pressure die casting process is the most economical solution for 6.3 Low pressure die casting.jpgthe production of high-quality aluminum parts. Our Low-pressure die casting (LPDC) workshop was built 5 years, we have 2sets equipments for casting process.

Low pressure is used to force the molten metal into the mold in the case of pressure-assisted permanent mold casting. For vacuum-assisted permanent mold casting, the air is pulled out of the mold, creating a low-pressure vacuum that draws the metal into the mold. In both cases, the pressurization causes the molten metal to fill the small spaces and fine details that might otherwise ruin a casting.

Low Pressure Die Casting are repeatable casting processes using non-ferrous alloy parts. These castings can be utilized for relatively small production quantity or when heat treatment is required to improve the mechanical properties of different materials. Low Pressure die castings bring improved tolerances and surface finish as well as high quality casting results.

We offer a wide range of fully and semi-automatic casting machines, including various additional facilities and advice on the design of casting moulds.