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The application of sand casting in ornaments and its heating hardening method

2020-02-05 16:15:20

Foundry sand casting has been used in many aspects. For example, we are now popular accessories. In sand casting, first place the lower half of the ornament on the flat plate, fill the sand box with molding sand, compact and level it, after the lower mold is finished, turn the finished ornament sand mold 180 degrees, put the upper half of the ornament, sprinkle the parting agent, put the sand box, fill the molding sand, compact and level it, turn the upper sand box 180 degrees, take out the upper and lower half of the ornament respectively, then turn the upper mold 180 degrees and close the lower mold, after the ornament sand mold is finished, wait for pouring.

When making jewelry, we should consider how to separate the upper and lower sand boxes to take out the wood mold, where the molten iron flows in, and how to fill the cavity to get high-quality castings. After the sand mold is made, it can be poured and molten iron can be poured into the cavity of the sand mold. When pouring, the temperature of molten iron is 1250-1350 ℃, which is higher when smelting. After that, it is necessary to go through the process of Desanding, repairing and polishing to become a qualified casting.

There are many characteristics of resin sand in the production process of sand casting, such as high strength of core sand, high precision of casting, high collapsibility, high solidification efficiency and mass production line, which provide an ideal method to produce various complex cores of small and medium-sized castings, so it is widely used in automobile, tractor, internal combustion engine and other industries.

Because of its high precision, high collapsibility, high strength and other low molding and core labor intensity, sand casting also plays an important role in meeting the requirements of various types of cores of medium and large castings with increasingly complex structures and small batch production. At present, there are many kinds of resin sand technology, which can be divided into three categories according to different hardening methods: heating hardening method, blowing hardening method and self hardening method.

The core of sand casting is effectively heated by its external heating source, which will make the core sand solidify and form under a certain temperature and time. Because of its good fluidity, filling and storage, high strength and collapsibility, sand casting is widely used in the automobile industry for mass production of various types of mold with complex structure and high quality requirements Core.

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