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Application and adaptive conditions of foundry by turning sand in automobile manufacturing

2020-02-25 14:45:11

In the process of automobile manufacturing, there are many parts made of cast iron, accounting for about 60% of the whole vehicle weight, such as cylinder block, transmission case, steering gear case, rear axle case, brake drum, various brackets, etc. Sand mold is usually used to make iron castings. The raw material of sand mold is mainly sand, which is mixed with binder and water.


Sand casting is the production method of pouring molten metal into the cavity of the mold, cooling and solidification to obtain products. When making sand mold, we should consider how to separate the upper and lower sand boxes to take out the wood mold, and also consider where the molten iron flows in and how to fill the cavity to get high-quality castings.


After the sand mold is made, it can be poured and molten iron can also be poured into the cavity of the sand mold. When pouring, the temperature of molten iron is 1250-1350 , which is higher when smelting. After that, it must go through the process of Desanding, repairing, polishing, etc. to become a qualified casting.


The ability of sand casting to adapt to molding conditions is very strong, which is also a major feature of clay green sand. Modern high pressure molding, injection molding, air impact molding, static pressure molding and shock free vacuum compression molding are all based on the use of clay green molding sand.


The implementation of various new technologies makes the clay green sand more important in the foundry production, and also makes the clay green sand face many new problems, which makes our research on the clay green sand strengthen and deepen.


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