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Gravity casting vs Low pressure casting

2020-01-01 10:11:58

Aluminum gravity casting and aluminum low pressure casting are both metal mold casting processes or called permanent mold casting prosess. Both are used to produce aluminum castings. The molds are metal molds. Hot-working mold steel (such as H13) is used to make molds.

Aluminum alloy gravity casting and aluminum alloy low-pressure casting can produce the same cast aluminum alloy grades, aluminum liquid pouring temperature, mold opening time is similar, the resulting aluminum castings have similar compactness, strength and other mechanical properties.

There are differences between aluminum alloy gravity casting and aluminum alloy low pressure casting in terms of forming principles, aluminum casting structure, labor intensity, number of batches, and development time, as shown in the following figure:

Aluminum Castings Process

Molding principle

Aluminum casting structure

Labor intensity

Minimum lot

Development time

Mold cost

Aluminum gravity casting

Use of gravity

Complex and diverse





Aluminum low pressure casting

Use of air pressure







As can be seen from the comparison of the above figure, gravity casting of aluminum alloy is more suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small batches, with short development cycles and high quality requirements. Aluminum alloy low-pressure casting is suitable for the production of larger batches, thinner aluminum castings, and structures suitable for aluminum alloy low-pressure casting products, a long development cycle is conducive to the improvement of production technology in the production process.

The typical product produced by the aluminum alloy low pressure casting process is an automobile wheel rim. The structure of this aluminum casting is very suitable for the structural characteristics of the low pressure casting process, and the production volume is very large. There is enough time to improve the production technology.

The typical products produced by the aluminum alloy gravity casting process are industrial robot castings. These aluminum castings have small production batches, high product quality requirements, short development time, and need to produce high quality, non porous sand holes in a short period time of aluminum castings.

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