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Gravity die casting vs Pressure die casting

2020-01-01 09:25:02

In ZheJiang Dongrun Casting Industry Co,.Ltd foundry, we have high pressure casting and gravity casting, do you know which process is better?

High pressure casting is what we usually call die casting. The aluminum liquid is poured into the pressure chamber, and the mold cavity is filled with the pressure at high speed, and the aluminum liquid is solidified under pressure to form an aluminum casting.


The characteristics of aluminum alloy die castings are:

1. The surface of the product is good, generally it can reach Ra6.3 or even Ra1.6.

2. Do not heat treat.

3. The product has high air tightness, high casting strength and surface hardness, but low elongation.

4. The mold cost is high and the service life is short.

5. High production efficiency.

6. It can produce thin-walled parts with small machining allowance.



High pressure casting
Aluminum alloy die castings


Aluminum gravity casting refers to a process in which aluminum liquid is injected into a mold under the action of earth's gravity. Gravity casting is divided into: sand casting, metal (steel mold) casting, and lost foam casting.


Nowadays, the most widely used is metal mold (steel mold) casting. The mold is made of heat-resistant alloy steel. The strength, size and appearance of the cast aluminum casting are higher than those of other casting processes.


Gravity casting aluminum liquid is generally poured into the gate by hand, and the cavity of the metal liquid is used to fill the cavity, exhaust, cool, and open the mold to obtain the sample. The process is generally: aluminum liquid melting, pouring filling, exhaust , Cooling, mold opening, clear production, heat treatment, processing.


Aluminum gravity casting parts


The characteristics of aluminum alloy gravity casting are:

1. The surface finish of the product is not high, and pits are easy to occur after shot blasting.

2. There are few pores inside the aluminum casting, which can be heat treated.

3. The product has low density and slightly poor strength, but high elongation.

4. Low mold cost and long mold life.

5. Low production efficiency, which increases production costs.

6, the process is relatively simple, not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts.

When choosing the production process of the product, it is mainly based on the wall thickness of the work piece. When the product wall thickness is greater than 8mm, die casting will cause a lot of pores to remain in the wall, so the thicker wall thickness product can be selected by gravity casting process.

So when we choose which process to do your aluminum castings, our engineer will give you some suggestions as your design and how many pcs you need each batch, give you best solutions.

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