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How to avoid porosity of gravity casting and how to improve mechanical properties

2020-06-03 09:55:04

Gravity casting is a kind of casting process, and it is a more commonly used one. Therefore, if we want to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it, then we master its related knowledge Content, so that the above purpose can be achieved. So, next, I will start this work, and at the same time, I hope everyone can gain some inspiration from it.


1. For gravity casting of aluminum alloys in gravity casting, what is the appropriate ratio of the feeder riser to the casting mass ratio?

For gravity casting of aluminum alloys in gravity casting, the feeder riser and the mass ratio of the casting, if the formula is applied, then there may be errors or deviations, so it is generally determined based on experience, which is more critical It is necessary to ensure that the wall thickness of the retraction site is more than twice.


2. How to avoid the problem of air holes in the inner wall of the castings obtained by gravity casting?

For castings obtained by gravity casting, there are some effective measures to avoid the problem of pores on the inner wall of the finished product. Specifically, it is to refine the liquid in place, perform stable pouring, and improve the cooling capacity of the mold. Through these, to achieve the above objectives.


3. Is the casting's mechanical properties ideal in the as-cast condition? After gravity casting, what can be done to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the casting?

The mechanical properties of castings are not ideal in the as-cast condition. Therefore, after gravity casting, the heat treatment process is used to improve the metallurgical structure of the material, and further improve the overall casting Mechanical properties, such as its hardness and tensile strength. Moreover, in terms of the heat treatment method, if the properties of the material and the casting are different, the treatment method adopted is also different.

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