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Production requirements and unique performance of gravity casting

2020-02-18 10:09:15

Casting is a very common process in industry when it is used. In our daily life, a lot of parts and articles are directly obtained by casting. In the process of production, gravity casting will effectively have different casting processes according to its different use range.


The internal porosity of gravity casting is small, and the producibility of the heat-treated product can be greatly improved when it is used, even more than the die-casting product. The whole casting has low compactness, which is mainly formed by liquid self weight in the process of use. The compactness of the low-pressure casting machine product is lower than that of the die-casting, and its strength is slightly lower, but its elongation is lower High. The service life of die is longer than that of die casting, and the cost of die is lower.


Gravity casting is a kind of casting method often used in production. In the process of production, the casting requirements are very strict. The products manufactured by the whole product are naturally very good in all aspects. In the process of use, it is suitable for mechanical equipment and some precision instruments, with very good wear-resistant and practical performance.


During the processing of gravity casting, fire prevention measures must be taken in the workshop, mainly because the red casting and the splashed molten iron will be directly scalded once they touch the human body. Once they touch the inflammable or explosive materials, the consequences are unimaginable. And in the production process of a little careless, there may be molten metal liquid scald. If you touch the high temperature casting, you will be scalded.


There is also the correct operation of the mechanical equipment in our casting process to avoid the occurrence of errors or abnormal operation accidents. In the operation process of the cleaning equipment for Castings in our foundry industry, we should do a good job of protection to prevent the harm of dust to human body. In addition to the above, there are also the damage caused by high temperature and thermal radiation, as well as the damage caused by noise pollution.