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The properties of sand cast aluminum

2020-02-26 16:41:32

The breathable of sand mould

 After the high-temperature metal liquid is poured into the mold, a large amount of gas is filled in the mold, and these gases must be smoothly discharged from the mold. The property of the sand that allows gas to pass is called permeability. Otherwise, it will cause defects such as porosity and insufficient casting. The permeability of the mold is affected by factors such as the particle size of the sand, the clay content, the moisture content, and the compactness of the sand mold. The finer the particle size of the sand, the higher the clay and moisture content, the higher the compactness of the sand mold, and the worse the permeability.

The breathable of sand cast aluminum

 The ability of molding sand to resist external force damage is called strength. The molding sand must have high enough strength to not cause collapse during molding, handling, and box closing, and it will not damage the surface of the mold during pouring. The strength of the molding sand should not be too high, otherwise the casting will have defects due to the decrease in air permeability and concession.

 Sand cast aluminum

The Refractory of Sand cast aluminum

 After the high-temperature metal liquid is poured, it has a strong thermal effect on the mold, so the molding sand must have the ability to resist the high-temperature thermal effect, that is, fire resistance. If the fire resistance of the molding material is poor, the casting is prone to sticky sand. The more SiO2 content in the molding sand, the larger the molding sand particles, and the better the fire resistance.

die cast aluminum

The Plasticity of sand cast aluminum

The ability of finger sand to deform under the action of external force, and to maintain the existing shape completely after removing the external force. The plasticity of the molding material is good, the molding operation is convenient, and the shape of the sand mold is accurate and the outline is clear.


The Concession of sand cast aluminum

 When the casting is condensing, the volume shrinks, and the molding sand should have a certain ability to be compressed, which is called concession. Mold sand has poor concession, and castings are prone to internal stress or cracking. The tighter the molding sand,  the worse the concession. Adding wood chips and other materials to the molding sand can improve concession.


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