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What are the requirements for aluminum alloy gravity casting and what is hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness during the process?

2020-06-01 17:11:59

In gravity casting, the aluminum alloy gravity casting is believed to be familiar to everyone, because you can learn and master related knowledge through related articles on the website to familiarize yourself with aluminum alloy gravity. Casting. Therefore, the next work is to continue to learn and understand this kind of gravity casting, so as to enhance everyone's familiarity with the product.


1. Does aluminum alloy gravity casting have some specific requirements?

Gravity casting of aluminum alloy is called aluminum alloy gravity casting, and it has some specific requirements, so we should have a clear understanding and timely grasp. The specific requirements are: the product must have a certain strength and good corrosion resistance. In addition, if surface treatment and heat treatment are to be carried out, it should also be able to meet the requirements and proceed smoothly in order to obtain good performance.


2. Aluminum alloy gravity casting, can it be electroplated? If the product is 1 kg, what is the weight of the pouring system?

Aluminum alloy gravity casting can be electroplated, but at this time, it should be noted that its pre-treatment formula is different from ordinary aluminum alloy gravity casting. And if its product is 1 kg, then, according to the ratio of 1: 1, the weight of the pouring gate is also 1 kg, but it also depends on the wall thickness and shape of the casting, and whether or not to increase the shrinkage package These aspects.


3. What is the hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness in aluminum alloy gravity casting?

The hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness in aluminum alloy gravity casting, specifically speaking, refers to the part of the casting that is later than the peripheral cooling part, and, if you don't pay attention, the hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness will appear shrinkage. The specific location is at most of the thickness of the casting or rounded corners. In addition, we also need to know that during the formulation of the casting process, the hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness is the basis for placing the riser and cold iron.

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