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What is the difference between casting and pouring?

2021-10-25 09:31:04


Casting is a method of melting gold and silver into liquid and selecting mold to cast into utensils. It is one of the earliest gold and silver production and processing methods in China. Pouring is to pour the mixed slurry into the diesel engine housing, and produce diesel engine charge meeting the design requirements after drying and consolidation.


Pouring is to inject molten metal and concrete into the mold and cast metal parts to form cement slab and concrete structure.


First, the operation is different.


Casting: casting is to inject molten metal, concrete, etc. into the mold for the casting of metal components, or to cast the cement board into a concrete structure.


Pouring: casting is to melt gold and silver into liquid and make artifacts by mold casting.


Second, the methods are different.


Casting: casting methods are divided into mold casting and continuous casting.


Casting method: vacuum casting and bottom back casting are adopted.


Third, the raw materials are different.


Casting: the casting materials are mainly metal, concrete, etc.


Pouring: the raw materials for pouring include metallurgy, plastics, resin, etc.


In fact, the differences between castables and casting materials reflect the effects of different components on their mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and molding ability. So some casting materials can be used for die casting, but this is a waste of resources, because you can't reflect the castability or ability of casting aluminum alloy.


The casting has good performance, small tendency of pores and hot cracks, high mechanical properties, good welding and cutting performance, but large, low plasticity and poor corrosion resistance. It is applicable to die-casting die, die base and medium

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