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Why sand cast aluminum turn black or white spots

2020-03-23 18:09:15

Aluminum alloys are widely used in the foundry industry. Aluminum alloys have good fluidity and plasticity, but they tend to become black or white spots during use. What is going on?


1. The process design is unreasonable

Improper handling of aluminum sand castings after cleaning creates conditions for moldy blackening and whitening of sand casting aluminum, which accelerates the generation of mold


2. Warehouse management is not in right place

When sand cast aluminum is stored at different heights in the warehouse, its moldy condition is also different.


3. Internal factors of aluminum alloy

Many sand casting aluminum manufacturers do not do any cleaning after casting and machining processes, or simply rinse with water. Substances and other stains, these stains accelerate the blackening of sand mold aluminum mold spots.


4. External environmental factors of aluminum alloy

Aluminum is a lively metal. It is very easy to oxidize and turn black or mold under certain temperature and humidity conditions. This is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself.


5. The cleaning agent should not be used properly

The selected cleaning agent is highly corrosive, causing corrosion and oxidation of sand cast aluminum.

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