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Which is better, titanium magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy

2022-03-03 20:29:03

1. Specific gravity density Description: under the condition of the same volume, titanium magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminum alloy, which is the advantage of titanium magnesium alloy.

2. Tensile strength Description: the frame made of titanium magnesium alloy with the same volume is not as strong as aluminum alloy. In order to achieve the frame strength, it is necessary to increase the material thickness and tube diameter. Therefore, compared with aluminum alloy from the perspective of weight, titanium magnesium alloy has no advantage.

3. Description of fatigue strength: the durability of the frame made of titanium magnesium alloy with the same volume is worse than that of aluminum alloy frame. It is also a fatal disadvantage of titanium magnesium alloy. With the more times of riding, the higher the times of stress occurrence, and the strength will be significantly reduced. Even the service life of the frame will not exceed 2-3 years. Therefore, professional riders rarely use titanium magnesium alloy frame. If they use it in competition, they also calculate the mileage and replace it in the form of abandonment.

4. Elastic modulus Description: the rigidity of the frame made of titanium magnesium alloy is worse than that of aluminum alloy. The frame made of the same thickness and pipe diameter will absorb more trampling force and affect the riding efficiency.

5. Description of metal oxidation: titanium magnesium alloy is lighter, with a general density of 1.7 and aluminum alloy of about 2.7; Titanium magnesium alloy is more likely to rust, because a dense oxide film is usually formed on the surface of aluminum alloy, which can prevent further oxidation, while the oxide film of titanium magnesium alloy is relatively loose and cannot form a dense oxide film. In addition, titanium magnesium alloy is more active and easier to oxidize! The periodic table of elements clearly shows that titanium magnesium alloy is easier to be oxidized and corroded than aluminum alloy. In daily life, titanium magnesium alloy is an ideal structural material for aerospace engineering. Aluminum alloy is generally used as door, window, pipe, cover, shell and other materials. The price of aluminum magnesium alloy is more than twice that of aluminum alloy.

The above is all the knowledge about the difference between aluminum and aluminum alloy and which of titanium magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy is better. Titanium magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy have their own characteristics. We can use these two alloys to make doors and windows

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