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How do you make a mold for a permanent cast?

2022-06-01 10:27:06

The work of permanent mold casting mainly focuses on mold surface processing, surface processing and assembly, and the processing methods mainly include precision casting, metal cutting, EDM, electrochemical processing, laser and other high-energy beam processing, as well as composite processing that integrates two or more processing methods. The continuous development of numerical control and computer technology, so that they are in many mold processing methods to be widely used.

In the industrial product variety diversification and personalization increasingly obvious, product renewal to fast, the market competition to fierce situation, the user requirements mold manufacturing delivery time, high precision, good quality, low price, the following are some of the methods to drive the progress of mold manufacturing technology.


1High-speed milling technology

High-speed machining is a revolutionary change in the cutting process, from the perspective of technology development, high-speed milling is being combined with ultra-precision machining, hard cutting machining, opening up the field of milling instead of grinding, and greatly reduce the research and throwing workload of the mold, shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, the application of the mold enterprises in China will come more. Parallel machine tools, also known as virtual axis machine tools, and the birth of 3D laser 6-axis milling machine, and the application of open CNC system more high-speed processing to add luster.


2Electrical discharge machining technology

Although the electric discharge machining (EDM) has been a serious challenge to high-speed milling, but some of the inherent characteristics and unique advantages of EDM technology, high-speed milling can not be completely replaced, such as complex mold surface, deep and narrow small cavities, sharp corners, narrow slits, grooves, deep pits and other places of processing. Although high-speed milling can also meet some of the above processing requirements, but the cost is much higher than EDM. EDM is easier to automate than milling. Complex, precision small cavities and micro cavities and remove tool marks, complete sharp corners, narrow slits, grooves, deep pit processing and pattern processing, etc., will be the focus of future EDM applications.


3Rapid prototyping (RPM) and rapid mold making (RT) technology

RPM technology can be used directly or indirectly for RT. the goal of metal mold rapid manufacturing technology is to directly manufacture high precision durable metal hard mold that can be used for industrial production. The key technology for indirect method of mold making is the development of short flow process, reduction of accuracy loss, low cost integration of lamination and surface finishing technology. the combination of RPM technology and RT technology will be the direction of further development of traditional rapid mold making technology (such as medium and low melting point alloy casting, spraying, electroforming, precision casting, layer, rubber casting, etc.). the combination of RPM technology and ceramic type precision casting provides mold cavity precision casting molding provides a new way. The application of RPM/RT technology, from the conceptual design of the mold to the completion of manufacturing, is only 1/3 of the time and 1/4 of the cost required by traditional processing methods, and has a broad development prospect. To further improve the competitiveness of RT technology, need to develop data and processing data generation easier, high precision, small size and material restrictions on the direct rapid manufacturing of metal mold method.


4Ultra-precision machining, microfabrication and composite machining technology

At present, ultra-precision machining has steadily reached the sub-micron level, nanometer precision ultra-precision machining technology is also applied to production. Electrical processing, electrochemical processing, beam processing and other processing technologies, has become an important part of microfabrication technology, foreign more useful wavelength of only 0.5 nanometers of radiation waves manufactured nanoscale plastic mold. In a machine tool to make laser milling and high-speed milling combination, has made the mold processing technology has been new development.


5Advanced surface treatment technology

Mold heat treatment and surface treatment, is the key to give full play to the performance of mold materials. Vacuum heat treatment, deep cooling treatment, including PVD and CVD technology, vapor deposition, ion infiltration, plasma spraying and TRD surface treatment technology, diamond-like film covering technology, high wear-resistant high-precision processing technology, non-stick surface treatment technology has been applied in the mold manufacturing, and show good prospects for development. Mold surface laser heat treatment, welding, strengthening and repair technology and other mold surface strengthening and repair technology, will also be further attention.


6Mold grinding and polishing

Mold grinding and polishing is still mainly by hand, low efficiency, labor intensity, unstable quality. China has introduced a three-dimensional surface mold automatic research and polishing CNC grinding machine, their own research on humanoid intelligent automatic polishing technology has some results, but the current application is very little, is expected to be developed. In the future should continue to pay attention to the development of special grinding and polishing technology, such as extrusion honing, laser honing and research polishing, EDM polishing, electrochemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing and compound polishing technology and process equipment.


7Mold automatic processing system

With the rapid development of various new technologies, foreign countries have appeared mold automatic processing system. Mold automatic processing system should have the following characteristics: multiple machine tools reasonable combination; with accompanying positioning fixture or positioning disk; with a complete fixture and tool CNC library; with a complete CNC flexible synchronization system and quality monitoring control system. Some people also called the same time to complete the roughing and finishing machine tools for mold processing system. These will be developed in the future.


8Mold CAM / DNC technology and software

With the rapid development of CNC technology and computer technology, CAM / DNC technology has been widely used in Chinese mold enterprises. At present, many software, for mold processing characteristics and the development of special software is not much, for high-speed processing software is also less. Adapt to the characteristics of mold processing, with a high level of CNC processing capabilities and post-processing procedures, there is a perfect precision machining and high-speed processing functions, friendly interface, easy to learn, with a variety of data format conversion functions and can be prepared for the system integration of the software will be the direction of future development.

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