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Repair technology of cast aluminum parts

2020-07-22 14:07:02

The new repair technology of casting aluminum parts is to use atomic diffusion between the base metal and the filling material to stick them together. This method is used to repair the surface of aluminum castings. No matter in terms of color or hardness, the repair is perfect, and there will be no fine cracks. It can meet the higher industrial requirements, not only has high repair efficiency, but also has relatively high economic performance.

Most of the casting defects of aluminum castings are concentrated on the surface or inside, and there will be air holes and sand holes in these two parts. The traditional repair method is to use electric welding machine to repair. This repair method will make the hardness of solder joint too high after welding, which is easy to cause internal stress of aluminum casting, deformation and crack, and annealing heat treatment is required to meet the requirements after welding.

However, if we use the casting aluminum defect repair machine to repair the worn parts, because the heat generated in the welding process is very small, so the aluminum castings repaired by welding basically have no hard spots, no color difference, no undercut and stress, and no cracks.

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