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The characteristics of high-pressure casting

2023-04-13 15:35:09

The characteristics of high-pressure casting

High pressure casting is a casting method in which molten alloy liquid is poured into the pressure chamber to fill the cavity of a steel mold at high speed. The alloy liquid solidifies under pressure to form a casting.

The main characteristics that distinguish high-pressure die-casting from other casting methods are high-pressure and high-speed.

1. Metal liquid fills the mold cavity under pressure and crystallizes and solidifies at higher pressures. Commonly ranging from 15-100Mpa.

2. The metal liquid fills the mold cavity at a high speed. Usually between 10 and 50 meters per second. and some can even exceed 80 meters per second (the linear speed of the mold cavity introduced through the inner gate - the inner gate speed). Therefore, the filling time of the metal liquid is extremely short (about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds). And the mold cavity can be filled.

The characteristics of high-pressure casting are:

1. Fast filling and extremely high production efficiency.

2. Formed under high pressure. The product has high density. high strength and surface hardness. but low elongation.

3. Good surface finish of the product.

4. Can produce parts with thin walls. With aluminum die-casting walls up to 0.5mm in thickness.

5. Fast filling. high internal gas entrapment. And poor product porosity.

6. Do not heat treat. As internal gas may expand during heat treatment. Resulting in defects such as bulging or cracking of the product.

7. The processing allowance is small. And excessive processing can damage the surface dense layer. Expose internal pores. And reduce the strength of the product.

8. High mold cost and short mold life.

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